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Thread: !! ♥ !! < HaPPy BirThdaY ♥ RiFaY @ !X! SaThaN !X! KuttY !X! > !! ♥ !!

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    Talking !! ♥ !! < HaPPy BirThdaY ♥ RiFaY @ !X! SaThaN !X! KuttY !X! > !! ♥ !!

    HaPPy BiRTHDaY RiFaY @ SathaN KuttY


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    ιη υяѕ нєαят αѕ ƒяη∂
    salgirah mubarak سالگِرہ مبارک Rifay

    May you have a day so wonderful that you remember it for the rest of the year, till yet another wonderful birthday comes along.
    A very Happy Birthday to you.
    May God Bless you abundantly.
    especially for uuu...
    Tonight i lite a candle especially for uuu...and as it burned i made a wish for uuu... that all ur dreams come true.
    then i lite another.
    especially for uuu...and another wish i made as the flame of the candle burned. wish our frndship never fade away.

    those frndship candle i lite tonight
    especially for uuu... with one thing on my mind how very special you are to me. our frndship is one of a kind.

    enjoy ur spl day with lot of sweets nd smile.....

    have a spl drink fa spl day..

    vaazhthukaludan theertha
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    happy b'day

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    thx u so much dear nisha

    thx theertha

    thx rowdy
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