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Thread: Intro about me

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    Mythili Guest

    Smile Intro about me

    Hai friends, this is mythili

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    Arunkumar555 Guest
    hi good to see u here............

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    Mohan Selvam Guest


    Hi Mythili.. u r from..

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    Mythili Guest

    Thumbs down Hai,

    I'm frm coimbatore. And u

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    gauthamrocknroll Guest

    hi friend:)

    hi frenz, im frm chennai.. nice to meet u buddies..

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    Mohan Selvam Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Mythili View Post
    I'm frm coimbatore. And u
    I am from Dindigul.. What are u doing?

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    Karthic_srec Guest
    HI am from CBE? Wher r u in cbe?

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    Dec 2010
    hey mythili waht u doin??? clge eh???

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    raj nazi Guest

    request 2 b ur fren

    hai maithali.... im new 2 tis service.... cn i be ur fren??

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