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Thread: a feelin by every1 - 2011

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    a feelin by every1 - 2011

    I'm too used to you,
    I know what you do,
    break a young girls heart,
    then quickly part,
    before things even start.

    To you it's all an ego game,
    me or her it's just the same,
    so tell me some pretty lies,
    and to her keep up your disguise,
    but I know who gets your goodbyes.

    Though I know you'd be too chicken to say,
    you'd just run away,
    you go all silent and ignore me,
    for weeks you're no where I can see,
    then you rush back to me.

    It's all so repetitive,
    sorry if I'm a bit competitive,
    it's one mistake after another,
    so secret and under cover,
    but you'd never be a full time lover.

    I know what you do,
    I'd still do anything for you,
    but now I feel like a fool,
    in a love so cruel,
    I'd still give my all.

    Now I never meant to stir,
    but me or her,
    it's all the same,
    to you it must feel like a game,
    you hate your life to be so lame - ullaelo (the writer - ece dept 3 rd yr )
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    ullaelo Guest
    hy frnds .. itz mee ullaelo ... i just wrote ths poem ,, jus make a cmnt

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