For those who currently talk with those of Tamil heritage via online services such as tamilchat or tamil chatting or if you are partly of Tamil heritage and you want to learn more about Tamil culture by chatting with others of Tamil heritage, you want to have an understanding of Tamil culture and history before talking to them via tamil chat because it is respectful to talk to those of Tamil culture in a way that is informed and without preconceived notions. There are several ways to learn about Tamil culture such as nonfiction books, scholarly articles, online academic articles and videos about this group of people.

History of Tamil People

The Tamil people are an ethnic group that is based in the Tamil Nadu region, parts of Malaysia and Sri Lanka as well outside these regions to emigrant areas such as the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Belgium and Canada. Currently there are 74 million Tamil people in the world and they speak the Tamil language. There are various theories on the origins of the Tamil people among historians. There are historians who believe that the Tamil people migrated to India around 6000 BC while other historians say that the roots of the Tamil people go back to ancient Iran. In the Tamil Nadu region the Tamil people settled there around 1000 BC. Over time three major families had a strong presence among the Tamil people and these were the Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas. These families each ruled over the Tamil people and at times these ruling families experienced in-fighting. In ancient times agriculture and trading were main economic areas of strength for the Tamil people and today this group of people still thrive.

Learning About Tamil Weddings

If you are marrying someone of Tamil and you want to learn more about Tamil-style weddings, here is what T amil-speaking person from the Tamil region may tell you if you are communicating with him or her through tamilchat. Most Tamils who practice Hinduism would choose the best time for the wedding based on the Hindu calendar and these times are usually during the spring and summer. The day before the wedding the Tamil couple meet with their families to pray for blessings on their wedding day and the duration of the marriage. On the day of the wedding the groom would present flowers and sweets to the bride-to-be.

Ways to Learn Tamil

It is also a good idea tolearn the basics of the Tamil language before you engage in tamil chatting. You can watch instructional books on the Tamil laguage and you can also watch some Tamil instructional DVD tutorials on how to speak basic Tamil so you will be able to communicate with those who send you messages while on the tamil chatting website. If you have Tamil friends, ask them to give you assistance on speaking this language.

Things You Can Talk About On Tamil Chatting Website

If you are a person of Tamil descent and speak Tamil, here are some discussion ideas for a tamilchat. If you are researching your Tamil family heritage and you are not sure how to get started, fellow members of the tamil chatting website who know geneaology can help you do this. Another good topic to discuss is dating advice for Tamils who are involved with non-Tamils. You can talk about the regions of India and Sri Lanka that you visited and what impressed you the most. Or you can talk about the ways in which you keep Tamil customs alive in your home.

Finding the Right Tamilchat Site

There are millions of tamilchat websites on the Internet and many are legitimate while others are questionable. To find the best tamilchat sites it would be a good idea to read a few reviews of these chatting websites on websites that pertain to Tamil culture. If you have Tamil friends and you are a student, call them and find out which tamilchat websites are the best. If some of your professors are Tamil, ask them for recommendations.

South Indian Brahmim Cooking

If you have spent some time on tamilchat websites, you may have heard about a type of cuisine called South Indian Brahmim cooking. This type of cuisine is eaten by some in the Tamil community and it is primarily vegetarian. On the tamilchat websites you can ask questions in Tamil about these recipes and you would get a few responses and actual recipes regarding this type of cuisine.

Benefits of Tamilchat Websites

One advantage of tamil chat websites is that you get to talk with fellow Tamil-speaking persons and build new friendships that you may not be able to develop in real life. If you are interested in marrying someone who is of Tamil descent like yourself, there are tamilchat websites that are specifically designed to assist Tamil-speaking persons in finding good relationships that could lead to marriage. If you want to get the latest news on what is happening in places such as India and Sri Lanka, you can visit these websites to get the news on those nations. If you want to know the latest trends in Tamil culture regarding music, movies and TV, you can find the information from the websites. Another advantage is that you get to hone your Tamil-speaking skills.


Tamil culture is interesting and beautiful, and if you want to talk directly to those like yourself who speak Tamil, you can use this website to find others who share your heritage. These websites are more than just places to chat; they are also places where you can read blogs on the latest in Tamil culture and how it affects Tamil-speaking people everywhere. Tamilchat websites are places where non-Tamils who speak Tamil can gather authentic facts about Tamil culture and history in creative and respectful days. Finally, you want to seek out the most legitimate tami chatting websites by reading reviews about them.