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Thread: <<girl's LITTLE heart & exaggerating desires>>

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    Unhappy <<girl's LITTLE heart & exaggerating desires>>

    dear friend,
    Actually am sorry if my English is not good or ma sentence formation is not good means please forgive me friends...moreover this is about a girls little heart having an exaggerating desires which she doesn't let it out to others..A girl in her life , some how she tries to reach that (exaggerating) destination by every woman's single statement "do r die"...girl's heart is so innocent and genuine will easily get attracted even to a small ant to gigantic ghost...they never try to get convinced to anythings...they r so simple like a rose and so hard like cactus...they just try to handle their situation with simple rose but the society and the surrounding totally change her to react like a cactus making and protecting herself into little web..juz one single minute of thinking about a girl would really bring tears of love and care for her..she never try to b single..she always needs a person there for her to dominate...even though she s a dominating person..god has created girl to be always getting dominated by masculine...but feminine heart just wanna fly out with her own feathers..she never try to b dominating but she needs the equality for her..she may b a feminine but she think just she wanna walk hand in hand with masculine...she used to exploit her freedom with her angry,like an volcano just trying to be erupted..even MAHATMA GANDHI has said the world has to be ruled with masculine's knowledge and feminine's patience and just encourage the feminine's heart and surely a feminine can make wonders..little heart of feminine can make exaggerating things which we would never have a little care and love for that little heart of feminine... <3
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