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    puja Guest


    life is all about three things winning,losing and sharing
    winning others heart
    losing bad things
    sharing happy moments

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    gopi.veda Guest

    Re: life


    Its a wonderful message.

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    vinothvinoth30 Guest

    Re: life

    how ru

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    pioneerfaizal Guest

    Re: life

    Its a Good one Pooja.. U r from?

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    pioneerfaizal Guest

    Re: life

    Life is Tooooooooooo short So,

    Kiss Slowly
    Laugh Insanely
    Love Truly and
    Forgive Quickly...

    Sathiyama idha na solalinga...

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    pioneerfaizal Guest

    Re: life

    "All women should know how to take care of children. Most of them will have a husband some day."

    :P :P Idha na thanga solren :P :P

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    pioneerfaizal Guest

    Re: life

    Words For Life Time...

    "Try to make At-least 2 Persons Happy in a Day."

    Make Sure that One of Them is


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    jsavery02 Guest

    Re: life


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    pioneerfaizal Guest

    Re: life

    May i know for whom u send this hi?

    Is that to puja? or rifay? or Me?

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    sunbird Guest

    Re: life


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